PIBBLE’s AMA_September


Hi, Pibblers!!

We’re excited to share our September PIBBLE AMA schedule.
After the release of the new AI-powered PIBBLE 2.0 on Android, the iOS version is just around the corner.

We’re looking forward to hearing from Pibblers about their experiences with Pibble 2.0 and answering questions about the project.

See you soon!!

AMA Details
1. AMA date: September 4, 12pm
Question collection schedule: August 31st 12pm~September 1st 12pm
2. AMA link (PIBBLE Official Global Community) : https://t.me/pibble_official_community

Thank you very much.



PIBBLE_AI content Hub

PIBBLE 2.0, the hub of AI, will be created where you can first experience all AIs that are commercialized.