PIBBLE2.0 coming soon!! Announcing the 3rd round of supporters recruitment event

PIBBLE_AI content Hub
2 min readMay 19, 2023

🔴 Pibble 2.0 is coming soon!!! We’re looking for our 3rd round of supporters!

PIBBLE 2.0 :

PIBBLE 2.0 is being designed as an AI content hub to expand content types to include text, video, and audio, and to utilize AI technology to provide enhanced creative protection for all content types, including AI-generated output.

❤️ Supporters Recruitment Area [Total 5,000,000 PIB]

  • Content creators using PIBL 2.0
  • Rumor King
  • Invite King

🍀Supporters Activities

<Content King>

🟠Create free content using PIBBLE AI and upload it to the communication room

- Blog, personal SNS, YouTube, etc.

<Rumor King>

🟠Spread the word about PIBBLE 2.0 to various communities

- The more qualitative posts + URLs, the higher the score!

<Invite King>

🟠Invite a lot of friends to the official PIBBLE chat room.


1st place content creator 200,000 PIB

150,000 PIB for 1st place for the best rumor monger

Invite King 1st place 200,000 PIB

Lucky Heroine up to 30,000 PIB

1️⃣ * Round 3 Recruitment: May 18 — May 25

Activity: May 26 — May 31

2️⃣ Differential payment based on activity

3️⃣ Content King, Rumor King, and Invitation King can apply and win multiple times

Supporters Application Google Form

PIBBLE Homepage / PIBBLE Telegram

* We are looking for beta testers for Android users (iOS will follow).

* Please set the same email address as the email you use to sign up for the PIBBLE app.

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PIBBLE_AI content Hub

PIBBLE 2.0, the hub of AI, will be created where you can first experience all AIs that are commercialized.