PIBBLE Virtual Asset Tournament Open with KAKAO “KLIP”

PIBBLE Team and KaKao Klip are opening the first e-sports virtual asset tournament in Korea to pay virtual assets as prize money.

The PIBBLE team has been collaborating with the ‘skills’ team, a domestic confrontation game platform, to launch the game, and the first result will be disclosed through a banner event in the Klip service, a virtual asset project of Kakao Klaytn.

If you have the PIBBLE app, you can enter the app and participate immediately,

If you do not have the PIBBLE app, click the link below to enter the contest.

The tournament consists of three competitions: daily, weekly, and monthly, and in the case of weekend competitions, the prize pool system, which increases the total prize pool as the number of participants increases, has been designed to receive larger prizes.

In connection with this competition, the PIBBLE team said, “The paid crypto prize money can be converted into cash through Coinone, a Korea cryptocurrency exchange, and mobile coupons, so that prize will be used in real life. We are looking forward to increasing the amount of prize money to bring a new breeze to casual e-sports competitions.”

This competition can be participated free of charge every day, and anyone can participate by downloading the game from Pebble App or Google Play Store.