PIBBLE Updates_Oct 2023

Hi Pibblers!!.
PIBBLE development team announces for the 4th week of October.

  • The daily AICREDIT amount has been adjusted to 200 AICREDITs per day.
  • In-app purchases have been added to the iPhone version of Pibble 2.0. In addition to converting AICREDIT to PIBBLE, you can now make purchases via in-app purchases.
    This allows users who are not familiar with cryptocurrency and have difficulty purchasing and transferring PIBBLE to purchase in-app and actively use AI services.
  • The photo/video upload feature of the Pibble app has been reopened.
    In line with the theme of utilizing AI, the existing photo and video uploads have been repositioned in the menu.
    It has been moved to My Profile > + button.
  • We are organizing various AI chat channels through prompt engineering. We will try to introduce them as soon as possible.




PIBBLE_AI content Hub

PIBBLE 2.0, the hub of AI, will be created where you can first experience all AIs that are commercialized.