PIBBLE’s Roadmap

Q1 2022

Innovative DeFi P2E — Treasure Planet Ep.1 Open

The world’s largest Play to Earn ‘Treasure Planet’ Episode 1 ‘The Mining Planet Age’ is open.

Playmeta blockchain network PIBERNET launched

The private blockchain network ‘PIBERNET’ service for scalable high-capacity processing is launched.

2H 2021

P2E platform ‘PLAYMETA’

P2E platform ‘PLAYMETA’ -PLAYMETA is being developed by PIBBLE team with blockchain experts. This innovative P2E platform would satisfy both players and developers.

NFT MarketPlace Released

NFT Marketplace ‘BITARTE’ — Development of NFT Marketplace that supports Klaytn Network KIP-17 standard. Anyone can easily create and share NFTs in a social form such as Instagram.

1H 2021

SushiSwap Listing

Listing Sushi Swap DEX for global users

KLYASwap Listing

KLYASwap listing, the largest DEX in Korea. KLYASwap is the largest DeFi among the DeFi services running on the Klaytn mainnet, and its liquidity is overwhelmingly larger than other DeFi.

2H 2020

PIBBLE’s Gift — Mobile Coupon Service Released

Open payment and gift coupon services that allow instant payment for various products with PIB token at over 4000 affiliated stores nationwide

Skills battle game platform ‘SKILLS’

Skills 1:1 battle PvP and tournament prize game platform ‘technician’ service. Released 30 popular games on a crypto P2E platform that offers a PIBBLE token prize.

1H 2020


Commerce that allows you to mint and sell photos and videos with NFT in the KIP17 standard

Social casino ‘CasinoMine’ trial service

A trial service of the social casino mining game ‘Casino Mine’. Covers most casino games including Poker, Omaha, Blackjack, Slots, and Craps. Mining PIB tokens system linked to player ranking.

2H 2019

Add Samsung Blockchain DApp

Partnership with Samsung Electronics to add PIBBLE dApp to the latest smartphone Galaxy S10

PIBBLE APP Beta Launching

PIBBLE App Beta Launching — Supports multi-chain wallets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Image fingerprint technology equipped with BitDNA technology.

1H 2019


PIBBLE APP — Expansion of the reward ecosystem. Broad reward social ecosystem such as Upvote and Top PIBBLE

PIBBLE APP — Alpha launching

Social app PIBBLE Alpha launching– uploading medias with reward ecosystem. It also has wallet function. Android and iOS native apps



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