PIBBLE progress for Q1 2023

PIBBLE_AI content Hub
2 min readApr 26, 2023

1. PIBBLE 2.0 development in progress

In the trend of a new era in which featuring AI, PIBBLE 2.0 is being developed with the goal of opening in May 2023 aims to be an “AI-based copyright revenue generation platform.”

Unlike current PIBBLE 1.0 focus on images, PIBBLE 2.0 is designed to extend content types to text, video, and audio, and to leverage AI technology to provide enhanced copyright protection for all content types, including AI-generated products.

# PIBBLE 2.0 Development Status

  1. context enrichment
  • When uploading pictures and videos, create sentences with the help of AI when writing the body.
  • Based on the hashtag entered by the user, it generates appropriate sentences to post on SNS.
  • The sentences presented by AI are trimmed by the user and used when uploading them.

2. Story enrichment

  • Chatting is basic. It makes your ideas and imagination richer.
  • If you deliver synopsis when talking to AI, you create a more specific story.
  • You can create and post various contents that contain creative ideas of AI as well as serial novels and poems.

3. AI image fullfillment

  • If you express the feeling of the picture you imagine in writing, AI draws a picture similar to the content of the text.
  • You can post the finished picture right away and use it as an artwork by tying it with the story.

4. AI evaluation

  • AI analyzes the text information entered by the user and evaluates the emotion.
  • Based on the criteria presented by the company, AI judges and quantifies the evaluation results.

Pibble team is committed to creating a future where content creators and copyright holders can receive due compensation.

PIBBLE 2.0, which is scheduled to be updated in 2023 May, will revolutionize the copyright industry and lead the creation of fair and transparent revenue for digital content through AI-based platforms and the application of chatGPT. It will also provide a safe, transparent and efficient way to manage copyrights using AI, while providing new revenue sources for content creators and companies.




PIBBLE_AI content Hub

PIBBLE 2.0, the hub of AI, will be created where you can first experience all AIs that are commercialized.