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5 min readDec 22, 2023

We are pleased to share the 2024 roadmap for the PIB and BomulPlanet projects.

In 2023, the PIB team continued to pursue technological advancements, focusing on the deep application of AI technology and research and development in the blockchain and NFT space. These efforts culminated in the launch of PIB 2.0 and the subsequent release of PIB AI 2.1, bringing our output to the market and accelerating our transition from a blockchain technology company to a specialized AI technology company.

In 2024, we plan to introduce AI voice services, integrate with Google Bard, and strengthen the linkage between applications and external systems, including the integration of AI and external systems. We also want to lead the popularization of AI into new markets that integrate blockchain and AI.

Based on this strategic direction and technical excellence, Pebble will provide unique value and services to users, and Pebble will go beyond simple version upgrades to expand its scope to AI services for the first time in the blockchain industry based on its solid position in blockchain technology, and present a new milestone in leading the market through the combination of blockchain and AI technology.

[2024 PIBBLE roadmap]

[Q1 2024]

  • Launch of Pibble Top Content Prize
  • Introduced AI voice service: Developed and integrated new AI voice recognition and response features.

Added voice command and response functions to enhance user experience.

  • Google Bard integration: Improved user experience through integration with Google’s Bard AI.
  • Burning of PIB tokens recovered through PIBBLE token economics.

[Q2 2024]

  • Expanded integration of AI with systems outside the app
  • Improvements to allow users to more efficiently use external tools and services within the platform.
  • Continuing to improve the performance of the PIBLE AI system and optimize its algorithms.
  • Improve and expand AI technology Expand AI capabilities to meet user needs and market trends.
  • Burning PIB tokens recovered through the PIBBLE token economy.

[Q3 2024]

  • Improvements to existing blockchain features and integration with more blockchain networks.
  • Enhancing multi-chain capabilities to provide users with various blockchain-based services.
  • Burning of PIB tokens recovered through PIBBLE token economics.

[Q4 2024].

  • Data analysis and utilization: Provide customized services to users by analyzing platform data.
  • Establishing and announcing a strategic plan for 2025.
  • PIBBLE TokenBurning of PIB tokens recovered through economics.

[ BomulPlanet H1 2024 Roadmap ]

[Q1 2024].

  • Opening the “Steampunk Paradise” world of the BomulPlanet metaverse (Ongoing)

Explore the expanded world of the “BomulPlanet” metaverse. BomulPlanet The Begins is a world where steampunk technology has advanced and space mining has become possible, offering players new experiences and challenges through a unique worldview that combines steampunk and space exploration.

  • BomulPlanet — AI2E Game Service Launch (Ongoing)

The first series of AI2E games, where players are rewarded for playing AI games, will be released. It will combine the know-how of various games such as casual, tournament, and leaderboard with AI technology to present a new trend of games. AI2E games are episodic series, and we plan to adopt a player-centered creative approach to popular genres that will be expanded with additional episodes.

- ‘Detective’: a mystery solving game

- ‘Hunters’: a monster hunting game

- ‘Villains’: (undisclosed)

  • BomulPlanet Android App Release (Ongoing)

To strengthen the global marketing of BomulPlanet Season 2, we are releasing a dedicated Android app for BomulPlanet. Android users will be able to access all the features of BomulPlanet from the convenience of the app.

  • Global Marketing Launch (Ongoing)

With the launch of the BomulPlanet AI2E game service, we will begin global infrastructure marketing. The primary goal of the marketing is 10,000 monthly active users.

[Q2 2024]

  • BomulPlanet — AI2E Game Expansion (Ongoing)

We continue to expand our AI2E games where you are rewarded for playing AI games.

- ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ : Survival game

- ‘Island’ : Survival game

- ‘Westworld’: (private)

- ‘UP’: planetary mining game

  • Deploy the BomulPlanet iOS app (in progress)

Deploy a dedicated iPhone app for BomulPlanet. iPhone users will be able to use all the features of BomulPlanet from the convenience of the app.

  • Global Exchange Listing (Ongoing)

We plan to list on global exchanges with expanded services and users.

  • BomulPlanet Season 2 NFT Minting (Pending)

Minting territories (BomulDeed) and various trading card NFTs for BomulPlanet Season 2.

  • BomulPlanet Season 2 Mining Bases (Ongoing)

BomulPlanet Season 2 base is up and running. The base will be powered by trading cards collected from AI2E games, NFT minting, and more.

[BomulPlanet Roadmap link]


[ 2023 PIBBLE Roadmap & Revised Roadmap & Additional Development ]

[Q1, 2023]

  • Design and development of content copyright registration and monetization including AI products (Completed)
  • Record copyright NFTs for text, image, video, audio, etc. and AI generated content (Completed)
  • Application of ChatGPT (Completed)
  • PIBBLE Wallet upgrade, multi-chain expansion including NFTs (Completed)
  • Burning PIB tokens collected through PIBBLE token economics (Completed)

[Q2 2023]

  • Upgrade PIBBLE Whitepaper 2.0: Development roadmap for AI-generated sharing and monetization (Completed)
  • Establishment of PIB Governance DAO: DAO system for PIB holders (in progress)
  • Apply AI design for ‘Activity Index’ on PIBBLE platform: Data of PIBBLE app users’ activity data accumulated over the years is upgraded into a meaningful ‘Activity Index’ and AI is applied (Completed)
  • Established partnerships to expand the use of PIB tokens (Completed)
  • Burning PIB tokens collected through PIBBLE token economics (Completed)

[Q3 2023]

  • PIBBLE wallet 2.0 multi-chain expansion (ongoing)
  • PIBBLE 2.0 AI Design Expansion: Designed and phased in AI-based license management, AI-based content distribution, and AI-based content marketplace, including AI copyrighted NFTs (Completed)
  • Burning PIB tokens collected through PIBBLE token economics (Completed)

[Disclosed in the roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2023].

  • PIBBLE2.0 year-end award ceremony and event held
  • Established partnerships to expand the use of PIB tokens
  • Proceed to burn PIB tokens collected through PIBBLE token economics

[Announced revised roadmap for Q4 2023].

  • Launched AI PIBBLE2.1: 135 AI professional characters with GPTs (Completed)
  • PIBBLE takes a similar approach to OpenAI’s GPTs, but instead of creating them directly, PIBBLE organizes GPTs that reflect the needs of PIBBLE users and launches “PIBBLE AI” (Completed)
  • The chatbot can answer various questions that users want to ask, and its usability is strengthened through continuous fine-tuning of the chatbot along with the addition of new chatbots (Completed)
  • Support for multimodal chatbots, providing the ability to generate images in AI chat rooms beyond the limits of text-only chatbot functions (Completed)
  • Strengthened the conversation history management function by applying GPT 4 assistant (Completed)
  • Proceeded to burn PIB tokens collected through PIBBLE token economics (Completed)




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