PIBBLE participates in the DeFi project “Klayswap”

PIBBLE will get involved in Klayswap from March 31, 2021, and strengthen DeFi support along with participation in KSP governance.

PIBBLE has already supported DeFi service in UniSwap and SushiSwap.

We have provided additional liquidity of Klaytn and Pibble to global users through supporting KlaySwap.

Pibble, ahead of the launch of the NFT Open Marketplace, has added more payment options to NFT creators through participation in KlaySwap to increase accessibility. In addition, by adopting KLAY instead of ETH, we are able to drastically reduce the cost of NFT creation and transfer, and at the same time encourage more creators to participate in the NFT Marketplace called “BitArte”.

Through the PIB-KLAY fair in this KlaySwap, participants can now freely trade PIB tokens within the KlaySwap without going through the centralized coin exchanges.

On the 31st, KlaySwap opened a governance system that supports KSP (Klay Swap Protocol) staking and decision-making.

PIBBLE will also provide additional benefits to voters who support the KLAY-PIB pool in the future.

Thanks from PIBBLE