Pibble launches P2E platform ‘PlayMeta’

Pibble Project team announced that it will launch the blockchain P2E (Play to Earn) platform ‘PlayMeta’.

Pibble recently developed a Klaytn-based service chain called “PIBER-NET” and started testing it.

Through this, the company plans to expand its service to a P2E platform that combines games, NFT (non-replaceable tokens), and De-fi.

PIBER-NET is used as a blockchain network of P2E platforms. It is an independent blockchain that can be implemented based on Klaytn’s scalability solution, service chain, and interconnected with Klaytn Mainnet such as token or NFT transmission.

It has been designed to be suitable for games that are difficult to process on the main chain or require large amounts of processing.

“ This P2E platform covers all the blockchain development experiences over the past three years, from tokens, NFTs, and De-fi to service chains” Pibble CEO Lee Boram said. She also mentioned “We will partner with all companies that have not yet entered the blockchain market to target the P2E market in near future.”

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The New Wave of P2E Metaverse!! PIBBLE’s PLAYMETA is composed of game, social media, and membership with NFT and De-Fi technology (www.pibble.io)