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1 min readMay 10, 2024

On 22nd April 2024 we released a new version update.

This update contains important improvements for both Android and iOS users.
It includes preliminary work to improve performance, so be sure to update your app before our next scheduled server update.

● Latest version information
- Android: 2.1.38
— iOS: 2.1.15

● Update details

  • Android (Ver 2.1.38)
    - Added “Apply for Content Sales (SmartSell)” feature in “My Posts > More” menu
    - Fixed a bug where tags at the bottom of posts and search tags were not visible
    - Corrected Upvote button design in the list of users who upvoted
    - Resolved the issue of loading the next page in the main feed
    - Fixed app crashing when reporting a post on some devices
  • iOS (Ver 2.1.15)
    - Added “Apply for Content Sales (SmartSell)” feature in “My Posts > More” menu
    - Implemented security updates requested by Apple
  • Backend and Server Configuration
    - Updated new SmartSell feature
    - Fixed tag lookup errors and bugs with posts
    - Separated custom server and chat server configurations

This update will further improve the user experience and make the app more stable.

We’re grateful to all of our users for their continued support and feedback.

Thank you!

Pibble development team.



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