[PIBBLE Airdrop Event] Airdrop totaling 47 million won! Get up to 25 million won for your first transaction!

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4 min readJan 31, 2024


Hello, Pibblers!!
Coinone and PIBBLE are hosting the [PIB First Trade] & [Trading King] events.
You can participate in both events, so don’t miss out on the first transaction and trading king benefits!

😊Period : 2024.02.01(Thu) 00:00 ~ 2024.02.14(Wed) 23:59
😊Airdrop Date: February 21, 2024 (Wed)
😊How to participate in the event
1. Meet the event target and conditions
2. Register event code (Event code: 2024PIB)
▶ Event code registration link: https://coinone.co.kr/my/activity/event-code

3. retain marketing consent after completion until the time of benefit payment

▶︎ To trade PIB : https://coinone.co.kr/exchange/trade/pib/krw

EVENT 1. Coinone First Trade Event
❤️Eligibility: Customers who have no order history on Coinone from 2022.11.29 to the start of the event
❤️Conditions: Execute at least 1 PIB transaction on Coinone within the event period
❤️Benefits: 1 N of a total of 44 million PIB (worth about KRW 25 million)

EVENT 2. PIBBLE Trading King Event
❤️Eligibility and conditions: Top 1–100 in cumulative PIB transaction amount (buy + sell) within the event period
❤️Benefits: Total 31 million PIB (worth about 20 million KRW)
👑1st place: 4.5 million PIB per person
👑2nd place: 3 million PIB per person
👑3rd place: 2 million PIB per person
👑4th-10th place: 1 million PIB per person
👑11–20: 500,000 PIB per person
👑21–30: 250,000 PIB per person
👑31–100: 100,000 PIB per person
*Transactions via API are excluded when calculating the total transaction amount.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

[PIBBLE’s own event]

AI Service Platform PIBBLE Renewal Launch Event “64 Million PIB Airdrop”

(1) When using PIBBLE App: Up to 1,000,000 PIB per day
(2) PIB for new sign-ups within the Coinone event period: 5,000 PIB for the first 5,000 users (exchangeable for Starbucks gift certificates)
(3) For new deposits to PIBBLE app addresses during the Coinone event: 5,000 PIB for the first 5,000 users (minimum deposit amount: 5,000 PIB)

Airdrop Schedule: Distributed on the day of event participation

Download PIBBLE App
🩸Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.star.pibbledev&hl=ko&gl=US
🩸Apple App Store : https://apps.apple.com/kr/app/%ED%94%BC%EB%B8%94/id1463284566

For Pibble’s own events, please contact the Pibble App Help Center at https://t.me/pibble_official.

▶︎ To trade PIB: https://coinone.co.kr/exchange/trade/pib/krw

Thank you.

Please note
- All events are individual draws, and multiple wins are possible.
- You must register your event code within the event period through 'Apply for the event'. (Event code: 2024PIB)
To register an event code: https://coinone.co.kr/my/activity/event-code
- Please note that those who do not register the event code will not be eligible to win, even if they fulfill the other conditions.
⁃ Only customers who maintain the event condition status (marketing consent ON) until the benefit payment date will receive the benefit.
* How to check and change the status of marketing consent: (Web My Page > My Activity > Information Reception Settings | App: More > Notification Settings > Closing/Announcement Notification)
- In all events listed above, 'order' and 'trade' include both buying and selling.
⁃ The KRW conversion amount of benefits is based on the start of the event and may differ from the actual conversion amount at the time of the airdrop depending on market conditions.
- For EVENT 1., 44 million Dcoins will be distributed equally to all customers who fulfill the eligibility and conditions. (Example: 10,000 participants will receive 4,400 Dcoins per person)
⁃ Winners will be responsible for all taxes, if any, and the declared amount will be based on the closing price on the day before the payout.
⁃ If you receive cryptocurrency worth more than 3 million won per person per year, you may be obligated to file a comprehensive income tax return in May next year.
- Self-trading and abnormal transactions are excluded when calculating the event conditions.
⁃ If you participate in the event in an abnormal or illegal way, or engage in behavior that interferes with the operation of the event, you will be excluded from the event benefits.
⁃ You will be excluded if you encounter any restrictions on the service under the terms and conditions.
⁃ Payment date is subject to change due to circumstances of Coinone.
⁃ Benefits will be paid to your Coinone account, so please note that payment will not be made if you cancel your membership before the payment date.
⁃ Data collection and event end times are based on Coinone server time. Some errors may occur due to smartphone time.
⁃ Coinone does not make any investment recommendations related to cryptocurrency trading support.
⁃Cryptocurrency is a high-risk product and may result in the loss of all or part of your investment.
⁃ When trading virtual assets, please consider that there is a risk of loss of principal due to price fluctuations.
⁃ The event may be changed or terminated without notice due to our circumstances.



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