1st PIB Token Incineration Announcement

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2 min readOct 17, 2022


Hi, Pibblers!!

“PIBBLE”, a social P2E&NFT service app launched in 2018, launched an esports game platform “Skills” and a gift shop “Gift” to expand PIB consumption in 2020.

In order to expand the ecosystem of PIB in 2022, onboarding the “BomulPlanet” combining NFT and DeFi, and adding various services, aims to expand the ecosystem of PIB through PLYAMETA, the metaverse ecosystem of PIB. The Pibble Team has built the service chain PIBERNET ver1.0 and plans to further expand various services through additional updates.

The PIB recovered to the foundation through the PIB token ecosystem will be periodically burned to increase the token value.

PIB Incineration Plan

As a consumer of PIB within the social P2E&NFT service “PIBBLE” app service, PIB is accumulated and collected for content promotion & advertisement, gift shop, game participation, and content sales commission. PIB, which has been introduced to services expanded through the “PIBBLE” app and PIB’s metaverse ecosystem PLYAMETA, will be periodically burned from 2023 to increase the value of the PIB token.

PIB Token Burn Details

- Number of burned PIB tokens: 49,139,107.33

- BomulPlanet Gas fee Wallet: 0x3cc13b45fD76199eAD07a5b425322fE5E0BbbC55

- Burn wallet: 0x9bc02cb9Ba27C801c4D4446a082C8eFdaD65fBa7

- Process: The amount of PIB incineration accumulated on the BomulPlanet was moved from the address to the incineration address of the Foundation and incinerated.

- Incineration date: October 15, 2022

- Tx hash: 0x9de145496dff25d91d09d9a13b9611a4640ded856b38eeef70464c74dcefa6da

- Link: https://www.klaytnfinder.io/tx/0x9de145496dff25d91d09d9a13b9611a4640ded856b38eeef70464c74dcefa6da?tabId=eventLog

thank you



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