P2E skills platform in BomulPlanet starts with New year!!

Hi, Pibblers!!

Happy New Year to all PIBBLE and BomulPlanet holders!

In celebration of a hopeful new year, we started trial service of the BomulPlanet Crypto Skills platform from today.

There are 4 types of games in total, including 3 types of solitaire games and Fruit Pang match puzzle game.

Participants in the skill game participate in the competition under the same conditions (cards, objects, etc.) as the other party, and compete with a higher score within the given time limit.

You can participate in skill games with game money, and you can participate in skills games by exchanging BOMUL token credits or bankroll with game money.

P2E — Meet Now in the Skills match Menu

Link : https://playmeta.space/



PIBBLE_AI content Hub

PIBBLE 2.0, the hub of AI, will be created where you can first experience all AIs that are commercialized.