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12 min readDec 4, 2023

Hi, Pibblers!!

PIBBLE’s AMA was on December 4 at noon.

PIBBLE team will continue to host AMA sessions on our official Telegram channel to maintain open and transparent communication in 2023,

We will endeavor to answer pre-AMA questions from members of the PIBBLE official Telegram community as best we can.

If you have any questions that were not answered during the AMA, or if you have any additional questions about the foundation or its services, please feel free to contact us on the

Please do not hesitate to contact us on our official Telegram channel or via CS email.

Here’s a replay of the AMA for those who couldn’t make it!


Several content points in PIBBLE were not integrated/transitioned in Peebles 2.0, unlike the AMA content earlier. Will they be in Peebles 2.1?

Is it possible to make those points available in 2.1 at some point?

(PRB/PGB/Game Coin/Game Token/Ticket/Mystery Box/PIBZ /Treasure/Bankroll/Red Ruby)

The various point systems introduced in PIBBLE 1.0 are currently being reorganized and integrated in PIBBLE 2.0, in an ongoing effort to enhance the user experience to the best of our ability. Existing points such as PRB, PGB, PIBZ, etc. will be consolidated and transitioned in the upcoming release of PIBBLE 2.1, and we aim to ensure that users can always view and utilize these points in PIBBLE 2.1.

PRB and PGB are points that were rewarded for posts and upvotes in PIBBLE 1.0, and we are currently planning to integrate them in PIBBLE 2.1.

PIBZ were previously converted to PIBs in the Skills Service in PIBBLE 1.0, but are currently discontinued, so if you need them, please contact customer service separately.

After the release of PIBBLE 2.0, we are currently conducting a preliminary check of the overall integration work, and at the same time, we are preparing a new type of reward system and optionally paid premium services. With these new systems and services, we are working to provide more value and benefits to our users.

Details related to the new policies in PIBBLE 2.1 will be reinforced through the supporters’ operational checks and will be quickly released to community members through the official PIBBLE channels.

In addition, points such as game tokens, tickets, bankrolls, etc. issued in the BomulPlanet service are being discussed to be integrated into AI-related points within the BomulPlanet 2.0 service, and will be announced via the BomulPlanet Discord once the policy is finalized. Thank you for your continued interest and feedback, and we will continue to strive for a better PIBBLE platform.


When viewing PIBBLE’s content… BomulPlanet is only for NFT buyers, and there is no advantage to utilize PIBBLE AI. There is no explicit mention of becoming P2E, and access to PC/Web is blocked. There are no posts on the PIBBLE App… In addition, PIBBLE Game, Gifticon, and PIBBLE Commerce have been closed.

I think more people should use PIBBLE, but there is no content for them.

The management team would like to know what will increase the number of users of PIBBLE and what scenario will create an ecosystem…since the business content has changed a lot.

There are no current plans for PC and web access to the PIBBLE app, as PIBBLE’s policy is to focus primarily on services for mobile users. In the future, we plan to expand the AI area, which is part of the services within the PIBBLE app, to PC and web services in the form of an AI portal, with a target date of 2024.

2023 is the first year of AI services, and while the expansion of the blockchain user base has been limited in the past five years since the launch of PIBBLE’s services, the importance of AI services continues to increase and the market for AI services continues to expand. Therefore, we believe that the transition to AI in PIBBLE’s services will more clearly demonstrate our competitiveness in expanding the user base based on the stability and operating experience of the existing PIBBLE services.

The termination of some services within the existing PIBBLE app was a policy decision to strengthen the AI-centered approach. Just as the PIBBLE 1.0 service gradually launched gift cones and games for the PIB token economy after the service was opened, PIBBLE 2.0 will be reopened sequentially by upgrading to version 2.1 and enhancing existing services so that users can utilize PIB in the app more effectively.

Finally, both PIBBLE and BomulPlanet have been playing a leading role in the P2E field since they started as blockchain-based services. PIBBLE has accumulated various know-how based on its operational experience and deep understanding of the behavior patterns and needs of global users, and PIBBLE is strengthening its position as a pioneer AI project due to the research on AI services conducted throughout the year and the experience of applying it directly to its services. By integrating AI services based on blockchain technology, we are ready for full-scale market expansion, and in 2024, we plan to expand the market by acquiring new users while increasing the value of existing users through global user expansion and transition to paid services. To this end, we will continue to collect feedback from our supporters and holders, and based on this, we will lead the market by responding to rapidly changing technologies and trends.


Is there any positive news to expect the price of PIBBLE coin to increase?

PIBBLE Project, which started with a whitepaper in November 2017, is already entering its seventh year in 2024. Since many projects have focused on short-term price increases rather than real results such as exchange listings, partnerships, and sustained appreciation, more than 90% of the projects that were involved at the time are unfortunately nowhere to be found. In fact, most of the projects were started with the excitement of a new item called a coin, but I think there were a few projects that worked hard and had their own value, but unfortunately collapsed in the market environment of continuous bad news and regulations.

The PIBBLE team has continued to conduct continuous and steady research and development with the belief that the price of PIBBLE must have intrinsic value in order to maintain not only the price of Bitcoin and the subsequent altcoin market, but also the price of the project in the future.

The technology development to increase the price of PIB token is taking the big picture of the transition from blockchain projects to the AI market, and we will expand the proportion of AI projects in 2024 to pioneer a new genre of blockchain-based AI projects.

We also plan to expand our user base from blockchain user groups to AI user groups to overcome the boundaries of the limited blockchain market.

PIB token has a limited issuance volume, and the price of the PIB will increase as the user base expands. In addition, PIBBLE 1.0 has a structure that increases the reward as the number of users increases and decreases the price as the reward increases, which is a limitation that all P2E services have in the P2E reward system, and for this purpose, it takes the form of a price defense structure that flows PIB back into the app through the use of games designed in the service and giftcons.

Therefore, PIBBLE 2.0 is an early version of a paid subscription model centered on AI that will be converted into a full paid service, and more users will use the AI paid service in the PIB app and make PIB payments for this, and we will continue to expand the amount of PIB burned by periodically burning a certain part of the revenue in the app after 2023.

We expect to increase the price of PIB by expanding the AI user base from blockchain users, opening globally from NFT holders to an open user base, burning PIB through the transition to paid services, and expanding the PIB governance token for new services that have been developed in 2023 and are currently waiting to be opened.


I know that there is a part of going listing that requires liquidity support, but are there any problems with that or with PIBBLE operating funds?

I can’t remember anything that would generate revenue for a long time.

PIBBLE Foundation’s operating funds are sufficient to continue development research and maintain the service for years to come, just as it has been possible to continue research and development for the past six years. This is paradoxically possible because, unlike other projects, we have thoroughly managed the excessive listing fees that need to be paid for excessive listing and the maintenance costs that need to be maintained for exchange operation. In addition, even after six years since the start of the project, we have sufficient marketing volume to operate the service, including 30% of the ecosystem volume.

PIBBLE’s service operation team, Caramelbay, has operational revenues from national projects, consulting, etc. with related blockchain and AI technologies, and is open to a second equity investment in 2024 if necessary to raise funds for aggressive marketing.


Do you have any plans to open your own single staking service within PIBBLE app instead of KlaySwap?

I would like to be able to reduce the circulating supply and thus increase the price.

Currently, the PIB staking service is operational on Klay Swap and BomulPlanet.

  1. KlaySwap operates Klay&PIB and BOMUL&PIB pair deposits
  2. BomulPlanet (playmeta.space) operates PIB single deposits.

The number of PIBs being single-deposited on BomulPlanet is currently 1.46 billion, and it is monitored that a significant amount of PIBs have been deposited in the past year and a half since its launch, so the opinions you gave on our own single PIB staking service in PIBBLE App are sufficiently liquidity-conscious, and we will share them after further review. Thank you for your opinions.


What are some of the new features and updates in PIBBLE 2.1?

PIBBLE 2.1 will continue to evolve rapidly to keep pace with the rapidly evolving state of AI. Here’s a look at what’s new in 2.1 and what will be included over time.

1. Developing specialized AI chatbots : We have developed AI chatbots covering more than 150 different topics and are improving the performance of each chatbot. We will continue to add more chatbots through continuous performance improvement and exploration of new topics.

2. Multimodal support: We are strengthening the ways to communicate with AI to make it easier for users to use and increase the value of utilization. In addition to text, we support URLs, images, documents, and voices to communicate with AI, and we also support multimodal functions such as text, images, voices, and charts to enhance user convenience, expand functionality, and increase the utilization value of AI.

3. Plans to launch paid payment products: Based on the enhanced user convenience and utilization, we plan to launch monthly payment products other than point purchases.

4. Integration with external apps: PIBBLE’s policy of creating its own SNS ecosystem will be eliminated and integration with various domestic and international SNS apps such as Instagram, Meta, and X will be organized. This will strengthen PIBBLE’s promotion and marketing methods.

5. PIBBLE 2.1 Base Version Launch: This December, we will launch PIBBLE 2.1 Base Version. The 2.1 base version will be launched with the important features of the full 2.1 specification and a number of chatbots.

6. Purchase of goods with PIB tokens: We will resume the ability to purchase physical goods using PIB tokens. We plan to market it as “the cheapest platform to drink Starbucks coffee” in Korea, which will be an important marketing element to engage new users.

These updates and features are all focused on improving the user experience and increasing the value of the platform with PIBBLE 2.1.


Has BomulPlanet really started season 2?

Here’s what Captain BomulPlanet had to say about the question.

BomulPlanet team has set the democratization of the metaverse, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain technology as key goals for 2024.

This year, we have been focusing on transforming our existing P2E (Play to Earn) service into an AI2E (AI to Earn) service powered by AI. As a result of these efforts, we will introduce a variety of new services in 2024, including mystery solving games, monster collection games, planetary exploration games, villains vs heroes, online dating, and unannounced games.

These games will utilize a variety of AI technologies, including ChatGPT, and will work with the blockchain to reward players while having fun. These AI-powered services will use “BOMUL tokens” as their key currency, which can be used to purchase in-game credits and items, reward leaderboard toppers, and more.

BomulPlanet Season 2 will begin in 2024 with BomulPlanet The Begins, a fantasy metaverse that combines new technology and adventure set in a steampunk era. The metaverse will open simultaneously to users around the world, and even those who don’t own NFTs will be able to participate.

We also aim to expand our user base through this global service and list on global exchanges. In addition, the AI and text-based metaverse will be expanded into an interactive service with real 3D characters in the future.

Finally, the policy of burning PIB tokens, which are used as gas fees for mining on BomulPlanet 1, will continue in Season 2.

Dear PIBBLE and BomulPlanet users, please look forward to the global launch of BomulPlanet in 2024.


When do I start getting rewards from the PIBBLE app?

To develop PIBBLE into an AI professional service, we introduced AICREDIT in PIBBLE 2.0, which plays an important role in accessing various AI-related services within our app. Currently, we reward all users who are active within the app with a certain amount of AICREDIT every 24 hours.

In addition, we are working on further refining and improving the reward system provided in PIBBLE 1.0 for activities such as uploading content and interacting with other users within the app, and will apply it sequentially from PIBBLE 2.1 to reward users’ participation and contributions in a more valuable way.

As soon as we finalize the details of our future reward policy, we will inform the community.


When do you plan to listing on exchange?

We fully understand that holders’ need for listing on additional exchanges is not only related to the issue of price increase, but also to the inconvenience of the current exchanges, the expansion of global users through exchange expansion, and the need to secure various exchanges and trading volumes for convenient trading. The Foundation also considers it an important task to create an environment where existing and new holders can trade comfortably and safely.

Currently, PIB’s application for listing on Bithumb was accepted at the end of November after the launch of PIB 2.0 iPhone, and we plan to apply for listing on Binance and Upbit after the launch of 2.1 in December. Currently, we have reached a listing agreement with two global exchanges, but the possibility of maintaining the travel rule and the current market exchange risk are still uncertain, so we will confirm the listing after finalizing the risk review to protect holders’ assets.

As this is the first listing of BomulPlanet on a global exchange, we are promoting a strategic partnership listing based on listing and funding rather than a simple listing.


PIBBLE said that you will be promoting since 2.1, can I know the specific way of promotion?

Just as giftcon and games were launched sequentially after the launch of PIBBLE 1.0, PIBBLE 2.0 will be updated at a rapid pace in the future, including version 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. Within the year, we plan to update version 2.2, add 150 AI characters, switch to paid version 2.2, and open in-app utilities for version 2.3, and promote each.

We are currently preparing to open a Starbucks exclusive gift shop and are in talks with a themed event mall as “the cheapest way to drink Starbucks coffee in Korea.”


If you have plans to make rewards from the app and other products like Starbucks available for purchase with PIBBLE, when will you start?

As we continue to upgrade to PIBBLE 2.1 and 2.2, we plan to re-open the existing services to help users utilize PIB in the app more effectively.


I can’t enter the discord unless an NFT buyer, is there no place to get information or participate?

BomulPlanet Season 2 is designed to allow global users without NFTs to participate in addition to existing Season 1 NFT holders. A community room will be opened for this purpose. The link will be announced at a later date.


Can we get a rough roadmap for 2024?

In 2023, the PIBBLE team has been working on the big picture of transitioning from blockchain projects to AI projects. As part of this transition, in 2024, we plan to increase the proportion of AI projects and pioneer a new genre of blockchain-based AI projects called “AI to Earn.” This is a strategy to pursue the integration and innovation of AI technology beyond the existing blockchain model. We will share our specific roadmap for 2024 with more detailed information later in the year through our communities, including Medium.


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