How to use ‘asking help’

Last month, new function ‘Asking help’ was updated.

Help? What help? How does it help us?

There is a question mark in the middle of every post you see as marked by a red circle.

This question mark is ‘asking help’.

If you click this mark, “need help?” box appears.

This function means that you can ask your friends for help regarding a post you see.

Basic option is translation.

For example, if the post is written in Korean, you can request translation of it into English.

One the other hand, if the post is written in English, you can request translation of it into Korean.

Or, even if it’s not translation, you can ask your friends for help regarding a post.

In this case, you can write a question yourself.

For example, ask what the word in the post means or where to find more information about the post. Like this, ask for anything you want to know!

I ask my friends to tell me what the reward is.

Please set the amount of compensation to be paid to the person who answers my request.

After you set ‘asking help’ to your post or others, you can see the compensation amount you set in the middle of the post.

If there is a only question mark, ‘asking help’ of the post isn’t in progress.

If there is a question mark with the compensation amount, ‘asking help’ of the post is in progress.

Asking help’ is available only once per a post.

If you click the question mark, a question you request appears.

Other users can post comments under your question.

Please choose your favorite reply among them.

If you push the comment you like sideaways, it’s possible to choose the comment.

After you choose it, the user who posts comment can receive compensation you set.

How about asking help?

I think it helps many users communicate well.

Please pay a lot attention to the new function!

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