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Hi, Pibblers!!

Announcing the mid- to long-term roadmap including the release of PIBBLE 2.0 and the roadmap for 2023.

As the digital content industry continues to grow rapidly with the exponential expansion of content created by artificial intelligence (AI), copyright infringement and protection issues are becoming more urgent.

Since its launch in 2018, PIBBLE Project, a blockchain-based social sharing platform, has been striving to extend copyright and ownership to the general public by utilizing blockchain technology.

PIBBLE project expands content types from the existing image-oriented PIBBLE app service to text, video, and audio, and utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide enhanced copyright protection for all content types, including AI-generated products. PIBBLE 2.0 is renewed as an “AI-based copyright revenue generation platform” that provides.

[ AI-based copyright revenue generation platform PIBBLE mid- to long-term roadmap ]

PIBBLE project aims to evolve into a “copyright-based AI co-creation metaverse platform” that applies blockchain and AI technology.

Season 1: AI-based Content Copyright Management and Revenue Generation Platform

Season 2: AI Powered Content Marketplace

Season 3: AI-based content creation platform

Season 4: Building an AI-based ‘copyright protected content’ ecosystem

Season 1: AI-based Content Copyright Management and Revenue

AI-generated content copyright management refers to tracking and recording the copyright of content created with AI technology. This includes the management of original copyrights modified or used to create secondary copyrights. Utilizing Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology, it is possible to verify ownership and track transactions for AI-generated content. This protects the rights of copyright owners and records and tracks revenue streams.

  • NFT-powered Content Ownership: Implementation of NFT technology to verify ownership of AI-generated content and record transactions, implementation of a system that tracks copyright use and ensures that copyright holders are paid appropriate fees.
  • Content Upload and NFT Conversion: User uploads content and converts it to NFT including blockchain copyright
  • Copyright record management for human creations and products created by AI
  • Copyright record management of secondary works: Management of secondary creations that create new works using existing works. Use of secondary copyrights requires permission from the copyright owner and payment of a fee
  • Implement license and royalty management service: Provide a platform to track copyright registration and royalty payment, set and manage usage conditions, and protect the rights and interests of both copyright owners and users
  • Implementation of natural language processing function and conversational interface incorporating ChatGPT

Season 2: AI Powered Content Marketplace

AI-based content marketplace is a platform that uses blockchain and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to track and manage the ownership and license of content to protect and trade the rights of content creators.

  • AI-powered Content Marketplace: Allows users to sell and purchase content creations such as images, videos, and audio, as well as products created by artificial intelligence.
  • AI-powered Content Distribution: Distribute content creations and AI-generated products to various platforms and channels, and manage content distribution through smart contracts.
  • AI-powered content licensing: Users can license AI-generated content for commercial use.
  • Development of advanced copyright management services such as automatic copyright registration, real-time tracking, and secondary derivative copyrights through AI technology
  • Incorporating advanced cryptography and blockchain technology to enhance the security and protection of copyright on the platform Educational materials, guides for content creators to better understand copyright law and the process of registering and protecting works through ChatGPT, and creating a community forum for creators to ask questions and share experiences.
  • Expand support for creative communities that incorporate AI, such as ChatGPT and Bard

Season 3: AI-based Content Creation Collaboration Platform

In PIBBLE 2.0 platform, NFTs registered as copyrights in PIBBLE 2.0, such as novels, images, characters, portrait rights, videos, and music, are used to support the creation of secondary works and joint works of reprocessed or created contents using artificial intelligence (AI). By providing a comprehensive set of services and tools for copyright protection and management, PIBBLE 2.0 enables the leading platform for the creative community and a catalyst for innovation and growth in the copyright protection market.

  • AI-powered content (co)creation tool service: AI-based co-creation service that supports the production of AI creations using copyrights and AI co-creations created with the participation of many people
  • AI-powered Co-creation Market Platform: AI-based co-creation market platform guarantees transparency and fair trade for collective work through the security of content ownership and license for co-ownership of copyright and co-creation.
  • AI-based content financing: Crowd funding and fund raising support system for co-creation collaboration projects created by multiple users and AI
  • License and Royalty Management: We provide license and royalty management services, allowing copyright owners to set conditions for the use of their works and receive fair compensation.
  • AI-powered Content Discovery AI-powered content discovery: Allows users to discover and explore new AI-generated content through personalized recommendations and discovery.
  • AI-powered Advanced User Experience and Analytics: Develop advanced analytics and reporting tools that enhance the user experience by adding features such as per-user recommendations, social sharing, and community engagement, and help copyright holders better understand the use and performance of their works.

Season 4: Building an AI-based ‘copyright protected content’ ecosystem

PIBBLE 2.0 expands the scope and influence of the creative activity and copyright industry. PIBBLE’s AI-based content ecosystem has expanded from the primary customer base with copyright-based motives such as content creators, copyright holders, companies and organizations, consumers, co-creators, and funding to AI-generated content such as travel guides, images, and videos. Travel and tourism businesses that can utilize AI for product and marketing, exhibitions and collections such as virtual tours, museums and art industries that can generate AI contents, and game and XR companies that will need copyright management of AI-generated contents such as characters and game storylines. In addition, we are leading the advancement of copyright management and the expansion of the copyright industry for the entire industry to be expanded in relation to the copyright industry, such as educational institutions, media entertainment, government agencies, medical institutions, environmental groups, legal consulting, advertising and marketing companies, and intellectual property protection. It aims to strengthen and promote the production, distribution and monetization of AI-generated content.

  • Platform update for copyright protection of AI-generated content: Expanding the platform to include AI-powered content distribution, licensing, funding, and searching.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations Market Expansion and Partnership Building: Expanding PIBBLE 2.0’s market reach by expanding partnerships and collaborations with organizations and institutions in the creative and copyright industries.
  • Research and development on AI content and copyright protection: Research and development to apply new perspectives and interpretations on constantly generated AI content and copyright protection.
  • Educational Resources and Community Forum: Provides educational resources, guides, and community forums to help content creators better understand copyright law and the registration and protection process.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance Monitoring: Continuously monitor the legal and regulatory environment for AI-generated content and copyright protection, and make necessary updates to the platform to ensure compliance.

As the digital content industry continues to grow rapidly with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content, copyright infringement and protection issues are becoming increasingly important. We aim to provide fair and transparent monetization. PIBBLE2.0 expands the scope of copyright management of content such as text, image, video, and sound source from the image-oriented service of PIBBLE1.0, and creates and secondary copyrights of various content types such as novels, webtoons, fanfiction, and music using AI.

It is expanded into a ‘copyright-based AI revenue generation platform’ that can create and distribute revenue structures by recording the contents of With the release of PIBBLE2.0, PIBBLE team expands business areas by collaborating and building partnerships with various businesses such as companies, schools, environmental companies, travel, and education that need copyright management, and content creators and copyright holders work together and promote their works. We aim to create a future where people can receive fair compensation for their PIBBLE team is committed to creating a future where content creators and copyright holders can receive fair compensation.

PIBBLE2.0, updated in 2023, will revolutionize the copyright industry and lead the fair and transparent monetization of digital content through the application of AI-based platform and ChatGPT.

PIBBLE2.0 will provide a safe, transparent and efficient way to manage copyrights using AI, while providing new revenue streams for content creators and businesses.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in PIBBLE team.

[Roadmap for 2023]

[Q1 2023: 2023–01–01~2023–03–31]

  • Content copyright registration and monetization design and development, including AI products
  • Content copyright such as text, image, video, and audio, and copyright NFT records for AI creation
  • Apply ChatGPT
  • PIBBLE Wallet upgrade, multi-chain expansion including NFT
  • Incineration of PIB tokens recovered through PIBBLE token economics

[2023 Q2: 2023–04–01~2023–06–30]

  • PIBBLE Whitepaper2.0 Upgrade: A Development Roadmap for AI Creation Sharing and Monetization
  • Build PIB Governance DAO: DAO system for PIB holders
  • ‘Activity index’ applied AI within the PIBBLE platform: Application of AI by upgrading the data of PIBBLE app user activity data accumulated over many years to a meaningful ‘activity index’
  • Partnership to expand PIB token usage
  • Incineration of PIB tokens recovered through PIBBLE Token Economics

[Q3 2023: 2023–07–01~2023–09–30]

  • PIBBLE wallet 2.0 multi-chain expansion
  • PIBBLE 2.0 AI design expansion: including AI copyright protection NFT, AI-based content distribution in AI-based license management, expansion design and step-by-step application including AI-based content marketplace
  • Incineration of PIB tokens recovered through PIBBLE Token Economics

[Q4 2023: 2023–10–01~2023–12–31]

  • PIBBLE2.0 year-end awards ceremony and event held
  • Partnership to expand PIB token usage
  • Incineration of PIB tokens recovered through PIBBLE Token Economics




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