Have a Happy New Year for all PIBBLERS

Hi, Pibblers!!

It’s already the last day of the year 2022.

It seems that 2022 was a year in which a lot of things happened in the crypto market. Many economists are predicting a recession in 2023 as well as in 2022, but after the hard times, it will definitely return to a huge upswing cycle.

The PIBBLE team is also preparing to build PIB Governance DAO along with the new PIBBLE2.0 reorganization in 2023.

In addition, the Crypto Skills (P2E) platform of BomulPlanet is scheduled to start into pilot service. When the game market opens at the beginning of the year along with the opening of the Crypto Skills platform, you will be able to see the direction of the BomulPlanet game-related roadmap in detail.

A series of planning and development will be the cornerstone to become the protagonist when the asset market draws an upward curve in the future.

I sincerely bow my head and thank the Holders who have always believed in and supported us unchangingly. In order to repay the love of the holders, be strong in 2023 as well! let’s run



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