BomulPlanet P2E news

Hi, everyone.

We are happy to announce the news of BomulPlanet P2E. With P2E of Bomul Planet, anyone can enjoy games and receive rewards such as prize money, items, and NFTs.

In particular, BomulPlanet’s P2E consists of more than 100 HTML5 games, including casual, puzzle, sports, and casino games, instead of labor-type P2E, which constantly earns money by acquiring existing items. You can play all the games immediately on BomulPlanet sites without downloading.

This P2E roadmap is being developed with the aim of building a stable use of BOMUL tokens along with the Monster Collection, and will be opened sequentially from 4Q.

The details will be updated in the NFT — P2E menu and will be updated in the documentation at

Thank you!



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