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2 min readMar 14, 2023

This is an update on the development progress of BomulPlanet Season 2. As our BomulPlanet holders may have noticed, there has been an explosion of AI tools recently, starting with ChatGPT 3.5. It seems like we’re in the midst of a singularity with AI as the protagonist. On the game front, BomulPlanet Season 2 is being developed with the following goals in mind.

- Visual Pleasure

ž Variety of planets, mining environments, and maps

ž Player characters with different classes

ž NPCs with different roles

- Interactivity

ž Player-directed gameplay

ž Questing, Bomul hunting, battles, co-op, strategy, etc. by interacting with NPCs.

- Rewards

ž Various rewards such as various items, coins, NFTs, etc.

- Game simulation using AI

ž Experimenting with dynamic and engaging game simulation methods using Chatgpt

- Latest item creation system

ž Create your own items as rewards for quests and missions

ž Created items can be issued as upgradable NFTs, participated in the game, or traded on the NFT marketplace.

In particular, we are experimenting with a new item crafting technique that allows BomulPlanet players to create any weapon, trinket, or pet they want, and then issue NFTs by giving them stats. This technique, which has only been possible in our imagination, may become a reality with the latest AI technology. From the Internet era to the rise of the iPhone, and now to the AI era, we will strive to fill Bomul Planet with more fun and profitable adventures in the new era.



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