Bomul-planet’s Klay Airdrop event

Hi, everyone.

We stopped by Klayton-planet while sailing to the Bomul-planet. The future miners of Bomul-planet would go through a final mock training digging up Klay blocks before going into the real game.

Schedule: The mining will begin after the attendance check which starts at 7 o’clock. (Attendance check will be automatically processed by the operation center.)

Objectives: 7 different kinds of minerals and KLAYs.

Notice : NFT owners don’t need to prepare anything for mining since all the process will be automatic.

This event is a KLAY Airdrop event and a Bomul-planet balance test as well. All you have to do is just be happy with the gifts!

(There are some interactive elements in the mining at Bomul-planet. )

Mining confirmation — The operation center’s live menu only shows the results of ongoing mining.

Rewards: Today’s KLAY mining event is planning an airdrop of 10,000 KLAY per day. Our goal is to balance the time to end around in 12 hours. We plan to schedule mining session 50 minutes and balancing 10-minutes.

After the event, KLAY earned during the event will be transferred to the wallet with KLAY credit. You can switch KLAY credits to KLAY after 24 hours in your wallet.

Mining system: On a map of about 35,000*25 blocks, a character searches for treasures digging and picking by itself.

In this event, characters will play only with stamina (ST) skills and healing magic.

If the stamina falls below a certain level, it should dig up healing blocks. The ST can be restored gradually if the healing spell is successful.

If the character runs out of stamina, they have to go to the recovery room to take a rest for 10 minutes. They would be able to go back to the mining sites after the break.

In this event, the characters do not die in any case like falling into the valley. They also would not face any monsters.

The company and the mining group are the same in mining during this event.

If the KLAY reward doesn’t reach 10,000, it may be replaced with KLAY, or if not, all minerals will be collected when the event ends.

Status: Return to the state at the start of the game.

Finally, there is MVP reward as well. Just pray for good luck. You know, it’s P2E without labor!

Among all participants, the top 3 of the total mining (mineral + KLAY) will receive additional rewards. If you get a tie, the reward will be shared.

1st: 500 KLAYs
2nd: 300 KLAYs.
3rd: 200 KLAYs.



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