Bomul PFP project is plain sailing


The engineer draft for ‘Bomul Planet Figure Project’ has been completed. Now we are going to move on to the next step to create statue figures.

What is PFT?

The Bomul Planet’s PFP (Profile NFT) work continues to update details with relevant experts.

The Bomul Planet’s PFP project is a huge one and it aims to create not only graphic art works but also detailed real-life NFTs of the main characters of the Bomul Planet.

The steps for this project are:

  • Detail Sketch
  • 3D art works
  • Figure Wooden Fabrication
  • PFP Production
  • Limited Edition Manual Figure Production
  • PFP and Figure NFT Minting

Please see attached image for detailed sketches, but some of the details can be changed during 3D work.



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