Awarded “the best grade company” in the government project, Caramel Bay, the PIBBLE app operator

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2 min readMay 11, 2021


Greeting from PIBBLE Team. We are happy to share the results of the national government project with all PIBBLE users.

PIBBLE Team was finally selected as [Best Company] as a result of performing projects backed by government.

PIBBLE has developed project called “i-Register” that helps creators register their creations on blockchain and protect them.

‘i-Register’ is a service that utilizes the image copy protection solution ‘BitDNA’ embedded in the blockchain social service PIBBLE, and can dramatically reduce the procedure and cost of registering of copyright.

In addition, ‘i-Register’ plans to develop a business by applying the UCI (Universal Content Identifier) ​​managed by the Korea Copyright Commission in providing the copyright registration service.

UCI is a technology that gives a unique identifier to content, and is a technology that is well compatible with the blockchain’s NFT.

Since it was selected as the “Best Company” and is expected to receive additional government-related business support in the near future

PIBBLE has recently launched a cryptocurrency payment solution called “P.Pay” and “e-sports” platform.

Based on the experience of issuing and selling photos in the ERC721 token spec, which is the core standard of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in PIBBLE APP, the NFT marketplace that applies the Klaytn chain is about to open.

PIBBLE will introduce an open NFT marketplace shortly after a long development process. “Starting with a contract with ‘Twitch’ celebrity “Jinnytty”, PIBBLE aim to lead the market by launching a platform with both popularity and expertise through collaboration with online influencers as well as artists leading Korean digital art.




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