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Hi Pibblers!!

PIBBLE’s AMA, held on September 4 at noon, has come to a close.

The Pibble team will continue to host AMA sessions on our official Telegram channel to maintain open and transparent communication in 2023,

We will strive to answer questions from members of the official Pibble Telegram community prior to the AMA to the best of our ability.

If you have any questions that were not answered during the AMA, or if you have additional questions about the Foundation or its services, please feel free to contact us at official Talegram or via CS email.

Here’s a replay of the AMA for those of you who couldn’t make it!


When will I be able to upload photos from my Pibble cell phone?

Pibble 2.0 is a UI/UX centered on content creation using AI, and menus such as photo upload, commerce, crowdfunding, and merchandise provided in version 1.0 were not planned to be exposed in version 2.0. However, many users have requested that photo upload function reactivated, so the cell phone photo upload feature will be reopened when the iPhone version of 2.0 is released. The Pibble team always values your opinions and feedback, and it’s our top priority to keep the project moving forward.


When will the in-app compensation plan and policy be released?

In Pibble 1.0 ,previous version of Pibble, contents uploads and reward policies are being checked due to the system reorganization and integration of Pibble 2.0.

After the release of Pibble 2.0 on the iPhone, we are preparing a more advanced new type of reward system and optional paid service for premium services along with the final inspection of the integration work. The details of the new policies for Pibble 2.0 will be updated through the supporters’ operational checks, and we will disclose them to the community members through the official Pibble channel so that they can be accessed more quickly.


BomulPlanet was supposed to be opened in August, but why is it being delayed? If the date is delayed, shouldn’t the holders be notified in advance and told why?

We would like to thank our iPhone users who are waiting for the release of Pibble 2.0 on iPhone. The iPhone version of Pibble 2.0, which was announced to be released around the end of August, is currently fully developed, but unlike Android, the iPhone version is still undergoing store review, which is expected to take about 2 weeks. If it passes the store review before that, it will be available on the store immediately, and we will notify you when it is uploaded.

BomulPlanet 2.0 was originally scheduled to launch in August, but due to the evolution of our AI capabilities and the expansion of our development scope with the addition of Club M, a new service, the overall launch has been delayed. BomulPlanet 2.0 continues to evolve, and we are committed to providing a complete experience with additional features and new services.

Detailed schedules and development statuses are constantly being updated on the official Pibble channel and BomulPlanet Discord, and we’re also happy to answer individual inquiries via our Telegram channel and CS mail. If you have any questions about the project in the future, please feel free to contact us through the project’s official channel or AMA, and we will continue to communicate with you.


What are the actual projects being developed/progressed? What is the percentage of development per project?

The PIBBLE Foundation is currently focusing on the development and progress of the PIBBLE 2.0 platform. PIBBLE 2.0 platform is a project that utilizes blockchain and AI technology to build a new model for copyright protection and management, as well as functions related to AI creations. PIBBLE 2.0 aims to provide advanced copyright-related services and AI-based creation tools by expanding and advancing the current features of PIBBLE 1.0.

The PIBBLE Foundation is developing various features and services for PIBBLE 2.0, and the proportion of development for each project may vary depending on its importance and need. For example, implementing features related to copyright management and AI creations is one of the major development challenges. We are also continuing to develop technologies to improve the user experience and the stability of the platform.

Over the past six years, PIBBLE Foundation has been working on projects such as image original verification bitDNA, P.pay development, game platform, advertising platform, NFT, DeFi service, Playmeta layer development, launch of BomulPlanet NFT, and multi-chain and blockchain wallet services, starting with the world’s first P2E service combining NFTs. As of 2023, the biggest development focus is on the release of Pibble 2.0 and BomulPlanet 2.0, with the goal of service stability and global user expansion.

Pibble Foundation is working on the project while collecting opinions from users and the community, and official information and updates are provided through the Pibble Foundation’s official website and social media channels.

Additional information about the project plan and road-map for Pibble 2.0 and BomulPlanet can be found in the links below.

Pibble Whitepaper 1.0 & 2.0 https://pibbleapp.io/uploads/PIBBLE_Whitepaper_KR_2.0.pdf

BomulPlanet Whitepaper https://bomulplanet.gitbook.io/playmeta/bomulplanet-intro

Pibble Foundation homepage https://playmeta.global/


Where can I use the p.pay? I’m wondering if there are any affiliates.

P.pay is a system that utilizes PIB tokens as a governance token and can be linked to other useful points including various partners. It has supported the payment of more than 50,000 products in the PIBBLE app and has been used in conjunction with the advertising platform and game platform in the PIBBLE app. It also operates as a flexible exchange rate conversion system with the linked points in the PIBBLE app in consideration of the price volatility of PIB token. Due to the maintenance of the token economy system in the PIBBLE 2.0 version, the gift shop, advertising, and game service menus are currently under service inspection.

The PIBBLE team is working with various industries and fields to expand the number of partners utilizing P.pay, which will be re-opened in the future.


Since it was once called Starbucks Coin, many gift card could be purchased with PIB token within the PIB app. What happened to PIB token used at that time? Burned, distributed, or stored on PIB?

Thank you for remembering that there was a feature to purchase gift card with PIB token in the past.

In addition to the gift shop, PIB token collected in the PIB app are our revenue, including PIB collected through the advertising and promotion systems, participation fees paid to participate in games, PIB transfer fees, and platform fees for using other commerce and goods. To date, the recovered PIBs have been returned to the PIBLE ecosystem and are being accumulated without being distributed in the market.

The PIB ecosystem is operated as a circular structure of PIBs distributed as rewards within the PIB app and PIBs recovered within the PIB app, and unlike other projects, the ecosystem has been highly recognized for its excellence in that the production and consumption of PIBs are held within the PIB app. We expect that if this part of the virtuous cycle continues to move upward along with the increase in users, it will form a very relevant relationship to the future increase in value of PIB.

In addition, among the non-PIB revenues recovered from the PIB app, the gas fee revenue of the BomulPlanet service is burned quarterly according to the policy. In the future, in accordance with the Foundation’s policy, we will proceed with additional burning in stages in consideration of the increase in the value of PIB and the interests of holders, and we will announce the details through official channels.


Since the price of PIB token has not valued up by one cent since May 2022, I would like to know your opinion on whether it is time to consider burning PIB token.

The PIBBLE Foundation is considering various options to increase value of PIB token. Burning or other options are under consideration. However, at this time, in a downtrending sideways market where the overall cryptocurrency market conditions and Bitcoin’s movements are the primary influences on price movements, we believe that burning for the sake of burning would not be a high-profile move and would not have a positive correlation to a direct price increase.

We will continue to burn PIB token, and we will actively consider holders’ opinions on burning.


I want to know the status of PIB token. I would like to be able to grasp at a glance the quantity of PIB token in circulation, locked up, scheduled to be unlocked, and burned in each chain of ETH and KLAY. In addition, the quantity delivered to external people and marketing (by target) at the time of the ICO.

In response to your inquiry, we have been disclosing the circulating supply every year since the 2018 ICO. You can find more information on our official channels such as the PIBBLE Foundation’s Official Medium, exchanges, and Jangle disclosures. You can also check the PIBBLE whitepaper for details on external personnel, marketing delivery volume, unlocking, and PIBBLE Foundation holdings at the time of the ICO, and all volumes except for the PIBBLE ecosystem volume have already been distributed through the sliding unlocking period, so unlike other projects, all unexpected market risks such as additional distribution volume growth in the future have been canceled.


When PIB token is unlocked, which channels will it be distributed through?

You can check it on official channels such as PIBBLE Foundation’s Official Medium, and project information pages of exchanges and rating agencies.


How did Pibble raise the funds after the ICO and how much is it? Can I know how it was spent? If there are financial statements of Pibble, I would like to know if they are publicly available? Are they audited?

Since the ICO, Pibble’s operating funds have been used as disclosed in the original Pibble Whitepaper 1.0.

See Pibble’s 1.0 Whitepaper https://pibbleapp.io/uploads/PIBBLE_Whitepaper_KR_2.0.pdf

Pibble’s financial statements and those of its affiliated operating company, CaramelBay, are submitted annually for submission of additional exchange listings, review of existing exchange listings, and rating by rating agencies, and their stability is evaluated through verification of financial soundness. With sustainable financial health for the next five years or more, Pibble Team is maintaining a stable and reliable financial position.


Coinone’s trading volume is currently at the bottom. When will there be an exchange where existing and new holders can trade anytime they want?

Do you have any plan to list on other exchanges?

With the launch of Pibble 2.0, you said you would try to list on Upbit.com, but are you trying or not trying?

Regarding exchanges, we fully understand our holders’ desire to list on additional exchanges and their inconvenience with the current exchange. The Foundation also considers it an important task to create an environment where existing and new holders can trade comfortably and safely.

In the past six years, as you have already experienced, many of the most respected exchanges have disappeared, and it is difficult to determine which exchanges will be safe in the future, given the risk signals from Binance Exchange and Huobi Exchange this year after FTX, which were considered the top exchanges, along with market fluctuations due to domestic regulations and macro changes to the coin market in the United States.

As of 2023, the Pibble team has passed the listing review of four exchanges including domestic and foreign exchanges this year in time for the launch of Pibble 2.0 and conducted specific listing discussions, but the market is still reaffirming that the burden of unreasonable listing fees and operating costs for maintaining an exchange listing has not changed significantly from the past market. Listing on an exchange requires payment of a listing fee ranging from tens of millions of won to billions of won, and in addition to the listing fee, a significant amount of PIBs must be distributed to the exchanges as marketing volume. In addition, if the cost of post-listing maintenance is taken into account, it is necessary to carefully determine whether the listing will have a positive impact on the medium-term price increase of PIB and be win-win for both holders and the Foundation, so we are considering many factors, including the timing of the listing.

In addition, despite the positive changes in the domestic market for STO in 2023 and the changes in the domestic coin market that have not yet been institutionalized but are in favor of the regulatory proposals in the law, the number of sound projects is decreasing, so we expect that the time of opportunity for PIBBLE Project to shine and be noticed is approaching. Current domestic and international exchanges, as well as large exchanges in the system that will be opened in the future, also have the need to list selected projects, so PIBBLE Project is committed to strengthening its inner workings to become a project coveted by exchanges based on transparency, stability, and sustainability.

In response to inquiries about listing on Bithumb and Upbit, we are not currently pursuing any additional listing contacts. The planned timeline for the listing review is after the completion of the iPhone Pibble 2.0 launch, when the number of users in the app increases and more data on the in-app activity index is accumulated, along with marketing efforts. We hope that our holders will continue to support us with their faith and affection over the past years so that we can proceed with our listing as a sound project that can be proven by numbers. Pibble team is also continuously considering collaborations and listings with various exchanges.


BomulPlanet is a global debut, so it will be well marketed by itself, but in the case of Pibble App, it seems that major marketing such as star marketing is needed. If a top idol-level star is active in Pibble App, it will be a great marketing, but I am curious about the foundation’s plans for this.

Star marketing can be an efficient marketing method that drives trends, but it is a double-edged sword, and the harmony between the color of the service and the star can be the most important point. Of course, there is also a risk of a chain reaction if something happens to a particular star, so it is necessary to make a careful strategy. As you mentioned, marketing using top stars can be an intense strategy, but for initial marketing, we are planning marketing through collaboration with early adopters, YouTubers, and influencers, considering the targets of Pibble and BomulPlanet. We are also discussing various methods such as collaboration with companies that have a large number of influencers in connection with the Pibble service, influencer NFT minting, event planning, and joint marketing. We hope to introduce related businesses in the near future.


Does Pibble have no intention of operating a discord ?

PIBBLE does not currently plan to operate a discord. The operation of a discord may be effective if it is efficient to operate from a limited position of a specific customer base or if it is utilized as part of a governance system, but since PIBBLE 2.0 aims to operate a wider user base, if necessary, we will reflect separate holder opinions and organize a community through the establishment of a DAO system within PIBBLE.


The update date of BomulPlanet is being pushed back, but is it proceeding with the roadmap while watching the market situation, and the second minting overseas listing is also delayed, and when I look at the roadmap on the BomulPlanet homepage, there is no change in the gauge… It seems that it is not being updated well, but there are many exchanges on Coinone thesedays, so is it possible to move to another exchange very soon? Can’t the latest minting be done with Pibble/Klay mixed instead of Klay?

The part where the schedule of BomulPlanet is somewhat delayed unlike expected is the greed and will of the development team to continue to add additional features of BomulPlanet and new conceptual services utilizing AI, and to build richer content and more complete services than initially planned. For the detailed schedule of BomulPlanet, please contact the BomulPlanet Discord, and the captain will communicate with the holders, and we will also reflect your opinions on additional minting in the Discord room.


Is there any new content coming out besides Pibble App and BomulPlanet?

The Pibble Foundation is constantly developing various contents and services, and new projects and contents are being prepared. Rather than additional separate projects, we will focus on Pibble 2.0 and BomulPlanet 2.0 this year and expand additional content within our own services. Please stay tuned for more content and projects.


I understand that it is inevitable to consider the crypto climate and the domestic political climate, but I am a holder who has been waiting for a very long time since the launch of Pibble. I know that there are now tangible results such as Pibble App and BomulPlanet. When will the value boost of Pibble + Bomul token that can be practically experienced be realized?

Thank you so much for being with us since the beginning. More than anyone else, the PIB team is waiting for a tangible outcome to boost the value of the PIB coin, as every single member of the team is a holder.

We are working on the project with love and passion, doing our best every day to fulfill the long wait and recognize the value of our efforts. We can’t promise when that will be, but we believe that when the market returns to a bull run and the alt’s are once again in the spotlight, the PIBBLE team is working to provide even more advanced services and value. We will continue to do our best to make the wait worth it so that our holders can realize a more concrete value boost, and we will be with you until the end. Thank you.

I’d like to leave you with a final note.

Today, September 4, we are releasing invitations to Club M, a new service in BomulPlanet 2.0.

BomulPlanet’s Club M is a cultural space for miners who have traveled to BomulPlanet in search of Bomul, and is a part of the AI service in BomulPlanet 2.0 that introduces a new community with AI characters with individual worldviews.

More details will be announced through our official Telegram channel.

In addition, we will be recruiting the fourth round of supporters for PIBBLE 2.0 with the release of the iPhone version next week.

We will announce the details on our official Telegram channel.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

See you at the October AMA.

Thank you.



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