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On May 3 at 12:00 PM (noon), we hosted a PIBBLE AMA.

This AMA was held before the new AI-enhanced PIBBLE 2.0 went into closed beta.

Introducing PIBBLE 2.0 and recruiting ambassadors.

It was held on the official Telegram room (https://t.me/pibble_official_community) for about an hour based on questions submitted in advance.

We are preparing to organize direct communication with PIBBLE users at least once a month in the future,

We look forward to your continued interest.


What is the current staff composition of PIBBLE?

  • We have a total of 13 core members, including 9 domestic developers and 4 overseas developers, and a full group of 10 overseas freelancers.


We moved offices for collaboration and I’m curious about the results.

I’m curious to know if there are any new collaborations or plans and how they are utilized in PIBBLE 2.0.

  • Our current office is located in the same building as Gumbit.com service management company. Gumbit.com is the largest online horse racing information community with a 70% market share in Korea.
  • We are waiting for the online horse racing market, which was open overseas but banned in Korea, to open this year, which is quite an encouraging market, and we are collaborating on the project.


I understand that PIBBLE listed on Coinone a little early. I wonder if PIBBLE had anything to do with the irregularities of Coinone’s listing examiners.

  • PIBBLE is not related to the irregularities of the Coinone listing examiner. Peeble Project was selected as an ISP for Klaytn and listed through the Coinone listing process and did not pay the listing fee.


The trading volume of Coinone is low, but is it expected to increase with PIBBLE 2.0? I wonder if there is any new listing news? .

  • Currently, the trading volume of cryptocurrencies is not comparable to the past bull market, not only in Coinone but in general. I cannot say that the trading volume will increase due to the efforts and capabilities of each individual project, but if PIBBLE 2.0 receives new attention and has a growing loyal user base, it will naturally be recognized as a good project in a good market and the trading volume will also increase.


I remember that PIBBLE Coin has a large supply and most of the lockups have been released, but if the supply continues to be released, it will dilute the price appreciation factor. What are you considering to increase the price of PIBBLE aside from PIBBLE 2.0?

  • In the five years since PIB coin was issued in 2018, market trends and conditions have changed a lot. In the past, coins that were heavily locked up or in low circulation were valued, but now the value of coins that are not held by decentralized coin foundations is valued on the other side. PIBBLE currently holds 8.4 billion of the 10.5 billion ecosystem supply out of 30 billion PIBBLE’s, and all but one of those are locked up in circulation. All of the unlocked supply has been released over the past five years, diluting the effect of sequential price drops due to unlocking. In order to increase the price of PIB Coin, we have decided to expand the PIB Coin metaverse system called Playmeta in 2022, and we are proceeding with a policy of sharing PIB with new projects that want to be listed or are not easy to list. In PIB2.0, a paid model for advanced features is applied, and we are designing PIB payments to increase as the number of users using PIB2.0 services increases.


I think the wallet function within the PIBL app should be expanded. I don’t understand why walking login is limited to Kaikas, Clip. I don’t understand why it’s only Decent. In PIBBLE 2.0, will it be expanded to the default wallet for various contents such as Treasure Planet, Minigame, ERC-Klaytn Swap, etc. or will it continue to be replaced by other wallets as before?

  • The linked wallet for Treasure Planet login was updated on May 2. In addition to the existing wallets, MetaMask, WalletConnet, and Fortmatic were added. In the case of the PIBBLE wallet, it was planned and developed as a centralized wallet according to the overall design, including the in-app reward system. At the time of planning PIBBLE 2.0, we considered linking with external wallet systems for swap and DeFi services, but the overall impact of the change is significantly higher, so there are currently no plans to change. However, we are planning to expand the functionality of the wallet service.


These are the fragmented token points that I have experienced while using various contents of PIBBLE. PRB/PGB/Game Coin/Game Token/Ticket/Mystery Box/PIBZ/Treasure/Bankroll/Red Ruby I am wondering if the points accumulated by using PIBB for a long time can be switched to PIBB 2.0 without being forcibly deleted. I also have PIBZ and Bankroll points that I haven’t converted yet, and the roadmap says I can buy giftcons, but is that possible? Will they be deleted without any explanation?

  • The points held by existing PIBBLE 1.0 users will be integrated into a simple structure in PIBBLE 2.0. Of course, all points held by users will be replaced and paid, but we are making a policy to benefit existing users.


I think Peebles should have more users, but I know that there is a lot of foreign abusing and they are locking accounts. Shouldn’t you come up with a more principled method?

  • PIBBLE 1.0 was a project that incorporated the concepts of NFTs and P2E as a “social blockchain Instagram” that rewards users for posting content on the PIBBLE app. If P2E games that many of you are familiar with now are operated by simply giving rewards, it is not easy to escape the structure that the price of the coin decreases as the number of users increases. Since the inherent limitations of projects that give rewards are also the limitations of the PIB project, PIB 2.0 is designed to strengthen the basic PIB 1.0 reward system, and the PIB circulation volume will decrease as the number of PIB users increases by changing the subscription or paid use generation AIs to PIB 2.0.


What is your assessment of Treasure Planet so far, and do you think the overseas sales of Treasure Planet NFTs will be successful? Also, why did you not encourage the purchase of walking NFTs with PIBL, and why did you encourage the purchase with Klay?

  • Our own evaluation of Treasure Planet is quite encouraging and we believe that it is operating successfully. We have been steadily updating since its launch a year ago as an attempt to apply NFT services and DeFi that have never existed anywhere else, and the second season is currently being opened sequentially. The reason why we did not encourage people to buy Treasure Planet NFTs with PIBL is that, like other NFT projects, NFT sales proceeds must have liquidity. If you sell NFTs with PIB, you can expect a short-term price increase in PIB, but in the end, it is difficult to preserve the value due to pressure to sell.


I don’t easily understand that it is an AI-based content monetization platform. Earlier, even overseas abusing was judged as a problem and restricted usage, but don’t you think the same phenomenon will appear in PIBL 2.0? If so, I expect that you will take steps to prevent this as well.

  • During the operation of PIBL 1.0, as the number of users from certain countries who wanted to upload photos and get PIB rewards increased, it was determined that it did not have a positive impact on the actual PIBL 1.0 user base, so there was a policy to block overseas viewing users. With PIB2.0, the process of giving PIB-linked points as a reward for uploading only content has been improved, and the part of the structure that increases PIB distribution volume as the user base increases has been reinforced, creating a foundation for risk-free marketing in terms of service operation. The AI-based content monetization platform is based on the fact that the content (text, image, audio, video) created by the user is recorded on the blockchain, and if the content is valued, the sales fee for the license can be taken, and the revenue can be generated by having a structure in the system. PIBBLE 2.0 will simplify and open the existing UI, and hidden features will be exposed gradually.


AI-based content creation technology(?). Is there anything that Peeble 2.0 can develop as the features(?) increase?

  • The growth of AI-based content creation technology and features is directly related to the growth of PIBBLE 2.0. As AI gains traction and unicorn AI companies emerge, we expect PIBBLE 2.0 to grow with them. PIBBLE 2.0 is a hub where you can experience all AI contents, and AI companies that are attracting attention with chatGPT as a topic are constantly opening great services, and it is not very easy for non-professional users to find, search, and experience new AIs that appear virtually every day. In this regard, PIBBLE 2.0 is configured to continuously apply new AI services to the PIBBLE app to experience fresh services with an easier user interface. You can experience content creation that is unfamiliar to you, such as novels created with the help of AI, webtoons created with a good story even though I can’t draw well, music and video advertisements created with some text, and you can experience the amazing experience of content monetization in PIBBLE 2.0. You can save your own content and creations created with the help of AI in your own space, PIBBLE 2.0, and share it with your friends, and one day, which may not be immediately, you will have an amazing experience of content monetization.


I’m a PIBBLE Coin holder who is losing a lot of money. I’m unhappy with the way they’ve been communicating with me and honestly expect them to go under the radar again after this AMA, but I’m still frustrated that I have to wait… If I have to wait, how long do you think I should wait, and why?

  • I’m sorry to hear that this is a huge loss for you as a PIBBLE coin holder. For the past five years, PIBBLE has been developing and creating services tirelessly with a firm belief and conviction in the world that blockchain will change. With the release of PIBBLE 2.0, we are looking forward to the genuine holders in Telbang to experience the new PIBBLE, share it with their friends, and build PIBBLE together. As for the AMA, the Telbang admins and team are currently sharing and answering questions and comments from Telbang. If you have any questions, you can always contact the project team via email, and after this AMA, we will continue to hold AMAs once a month if holders want, or twice a month if necessary. PIBBLE’s core development team has been together for 5 years without a single departure. The team is also going through a difficult time due to the rapidly changing environment and bad news such as the Luna disaster and exchange bankruptcy regardless of our project’s will, so as long as the holders trust us, we will be with them until the end. This year, the legalization of ST is being discussed, and the regulation of the coin market and entry into the system is being encouraged by the creation of a working environment for the PIBBLE team. We believe that a healthy project and a healthy coin will shine in any environment, and our team members are looking forward to a bright tomorrow.


I’ve been a holder for several years, when will PIBBLE be listed? I am interested in listing on a domestic exchange.

The listing process is currently underway in consideration of many circumstances. As all of our long-time holders know, PIBBLE has been selected as a competitive project for listing on Bithumb and Upbit in the past, as well as an early project of Binance Chain Partnership. PIBBLE has been listed on a top Vietnamese exchange, but the exchange went out of business a few years later. Unlike in the past, overseas exchanges are not able to reach the trading volume of domestic exchanges even if they are listed, and it is difficult to expect price increases. Of course, there is a significant amount of operating costs to be paid to the exchange for maintenance after listing. After FTX, even large exchanges such as Binance are now discussing the risks, so they are making decisions more carefully. As an AI project, PIBBLE2.0 will proceed with listing communication on Bithumb and Upbit in Korea, and overseas with Treasure Planet in the second half of the year.


I’m wondering what kind of collaboration has been going on between the two companies since the partnership with Netmarble was signed. If you are planning for PIBBLE 2.0 CBT, it will take a while to commercialize it. I’m wondering how long you are planning for the beta test and when it will be commercialized. It is unfortunate that there is no large exchange after the ICO. If you look at the order book of Coinone, the main exchange of PIBBLE, there is a lack of liquidity and the gap between the price and the price is very large. Please consider attracting existing holders + new holders. Please allow them to trade on a large liquidity-rich exchange.

  • After signing a partnership with Netmarble, we have been conducting technical consulting and technical collaboration with PIBBLE’s Playmeta. In addition, collaboration with KT on copyright-related platforms and collaboration with large card companies on ST projects, and technical collaborations in the blockchain part are being conducted based on the past experience and technology of the PIBBLE team. With the topic of STO in 2023 and the AI trend, the history of PIBBLE Team is returning with many positive effects on the business.The process of moving from CBT to the commercialization stage does not take a long time. We plan to open it in the first half of the year. Through CBT, AI learning and evaluation items evolve iteratively from user activity types, user-generated content to corpus and keyword acquisition, and new AIs are added. In this process, we will naturally move to the commercialization stage.


I’m curious about your future burning plans.

  • We have been burning PIBs coming into Treasure Planet since Q4 2022. After the opening of PIBL 2.0, we will also burn the PIB that flows in at the time of monetization. The specific burning plan will be announced after the service is operationalized.


When will I be able to use the new Peebles on my iPhone?

  • The iPhone version will be released after server stabilization work, user feedback, and optimization after Android release. This is expected to be within 2 months MAX after the release.


Will my existing level be maintained? What happens to users who have been using the Peeble app for a long time? I’m wondering if I will get the benefits of my hard-earned level.

  • Accounts will be maintained in 2.0 and the level system will continue to operate on the same basis. There will be some changes to the reward system, and we will provide details in a separate announcement.


Since iPhone users get a late start, will there be anything to compensate for this?

  • Currently, the only difference between OS is access to the newly applied AI menu. Other than that, there is no difference in app usage. AI CREDIT, which is paid once a day, will be paid regardless of iPhone/Android and will be available at the same time as the iPhone launch. We encourage you to stay connected and earn AI Credits.

We’ve been criticized for our lack of communication, so we’ve done our best to answer all of the questions that users have submitted in advance.




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