AI PIBBLE’s offline meet-up review on March 8 and 9

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3 min readMar 11, 2024

Hi, Pibblers!!

AI Pebble would like to share a review of the offline meetup ‘AI PIBBLE Insiders’ held on March 08 and 09, 2024.

PIBBLE team was held off-line meet-up to introduce “AI PIBBLE,” and many people joined us, an AI service that has been refurbished in 2024.

PIBBLE has been steadily researching generative AI technologies through the AI Lab, and was the first in Korea to introduce a commercialized version of the AI service in 2023.

It was a valuable time to introduce and experience PIBBLE App to the general users through the “Let’s play with AI!” corner at the offline site during the meetup, and to purchase Starbucks with PIB in real time and AI drawing contest.

Lee Boram, CEO of PIB, gave a presentation below topics on the past and future of PIB, and received a great response from the attendees.

- Is it a reliable company?

- What are the possibilities of PIBBLE?

- What kind of service is AI PIBBLE?

- What is the roadmap?

- So, will the company and I make money?

Thankfully, many power bloggers and YouTubers attended the meetup, so I’m looking forward to reviewing it again with good content.

AI PIBBLE is an evolved social network platform reminiscent of Instagram, combining blockchain technology and AI to provide a differentiated space for users to share content such as images, videos, and audio created using AI.

Beyond sharing, AI PIBBLE will provide users with external revenue through various on-platform sales agencies such as image stock market, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Spotify, etc. to sell their works, making PIBBLE the only platform in the world that practices a “basic income” policy, allowing everyone to achieve economic security through their creative abilities and generate sustainable revenue through AI content born from the imagination of users.

In 2024, after stabilizing in the Korean market, we will open globally in partnership with the global community.

We will endeavor to achieve explosive growth as a service based on blockchain and AI technology, under the technical strength that has been expanding our business since 2018.

Thank you

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