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3 min readApr 8, 2024

Hi, Pibblers!!

“How do I increase my level in the PIBBLE app?” is a question that many of you have asked, so we’ve summarized and answered it.

PIBBLE User Level 1 Questions & 1Answers!

Q1. What is the highest level of PIBBLE?

Currently, the highest level is level 50.

Q2. What are the deposit and withdrawal limits for each level?

Different levels have different daily and cumulative deposit and withdrawal limits.

Q3. What are the exchange limits for PIB, PGB, and PRB per level?

Depending on the level, there are limits on the number of daily exchanges and the cumulative amount of exchanges.


1. ~ Lv 5: 2 exchanges per 24 hours / 20,000 PIB cumulatively

2. ~ Lv 10 : 5 times in 24hours / 100,000 PIB cumulatively

3. Lv 10 and above: 10 times in 24 hours / 200,000 PIB cumulatively

4. AI credit can be redeemed an unlimited number of times per day

Q4.What is the number of upvots per level?

The number of upbots per level is limited. You can redeem your level * 3 times.

Q5.How much upvotes can I do per level?

The maximum number of Green Brushes (PGB) that can be redeemed at one time is up to your level * 100

​ So let’s look at the formula for leveling up.

How to get experience point (EXP)!!!

Currently: upvoting for posts and comments

In the future: AI usage, comments, etc. will be weighted to earn EXP.

There are two ways to earn EXP: when you receive an upvote and when you give an upvote, and we’ll explain how to calculate each.

1. How much EXP do I get for upvoting?

Value/10*√Level​ ​

Sounds complicated, right? Let me give you an example.

ex) If level 26 upvotes 100 PGB :


2. How much EXP do I get when I receive an upvote?

​You will receive EXP equal to the level of user who upvotes for you.

ex) If the user who upvoted you is level 26: Earn 26 points

The root I didn’t even get in school 😭😭

This is hard enough?

So I made a chart for you.

The points for each level are as shown in the table below, and it’s organized so that it’s not easy to level up as you go up.

​ So far, we’ve learned about user levels in PIBBLE.

Let’s all level up!!!




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