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3 min readApr 9, 2024

Hi, Pibblers!!

We’d like to tell you more about how the Top PIBBLE winners are selected.

The winners of Top PIBBLE are selected based on a combination of scores across a variety of evaluation criteria.

Let’s take a look at what they are and how they are scored?

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario based on the above calculation.

We have 3 total engagements (2users for 20Lv, 1user for 10Lv), 100 PGB of upvotes (1user 20Lv), 1 comment, and 1 new follower.

So far, we’ve explained how Top PIBBLE posts are scored.

There are two additional Top PIBBLE scoring factors.

First, the number of posts

The number of posts per PIBBLE user is added to the score.

Below is the weighting and points per post.

Second, extra points per PIB token holdings (including PGB and PRB)

Extra points are added according to the number of PIB tokens held in the PIBBLE app.

For example, it can be calculated like this

1. 2 million PIB (including PGB, PRB): 110 points (100+10)

2. 50 million PIB (including PGB, PRB): 230 points (100+90+40)

3. 1.4 billion PIB (including PGB, PRB) : 410 points (100+90+90+130)

The final score of Top PIBBLE is

Top PIBBLE participation score + extra scores for the number of posts + amount of PIB tokens held (including PGB and PRB) will be the final score.

Calculated as above, but still not easy?

Here’s how you can win the Top PIBBLE award in a literal way.

1. Increase the number of PIBBLE friends. (Build relationships through upvotes and comments on your own and others’ posts)

2. form a group with real-life friends (invite them to join :) )

3. interact with many Pibblers by posting quizzes.

Eventually, PIBBLE will be activated through many interactions.

You can also form a guild with many friends and challenge Top PIBBLE together.

We’ve provided an example to illustrate the scoring process, which can be difficult to understand,

hopefully the path to winning Top PIBBLE is now a little clearer.

The most important thing is active interaction within the community.

By engaging enthusiastically, making meaningful contributions to posts, and inviting and connecting with your friends,

you’ll be on your way to Top PIBBLE honors in no time.

​We look forward to your active participation and hope to see you in the future.

Your creativity and passion will make the PIBBLE community shine even brighter. Let’s grow together!

May the best of luck always be with you!

Best regards



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