Pibble Project team announced that it will launch the blockchain P2E (Play to Earn) platform ‘PlayMeta’.

Pibble recently developed a Klaytn-based service chain called “PIBER-NET” and started testing it.

Through this, the company plans to expand its service to a P2E platform that combines games, NFT (non-replaceable tokens), and De-fi.

Greeting from Pibble Team.

Pibble’s NFT marketplace is coming to you soon.

We will deliver good news today.

‘Monthlyphoto​’ magazine published 6 pages article for Gyu-tae Hwang who is the one of the most respected and innovative digital artist.

Artist Gyu-tae Hwang is a person who is as known as “the artist of artists”, and he has been highly evaluated in art history by expanding the world of art through pixel work since the 1980s, when there was no even concept of NFT.

We are happy to share the full article of monthlyphoto’s for him.

What’s your dream for NFTs?

What could you sell? What would you buy?

Here comes the market beyond a market!

Tell us about your NFT imagination with #nft on Pibble Social media.

This is a Teaser Event for NFT open market powered by Pibble

  • Pibble us and get some free gifts!
  • 22nd April to launching NFT Marketplace

Medium : https://pibbleio.medium.com/

Twiter : @pibbleio

Naver Blog : https://blog.naver.com/pibbleio

Telegram official announce : https://t.me/pibble_official

I’d like to talk about ‘promotion’ available in PIBBLE app.

The Promotion of PIBBLE means that users can directly promote their posts.

If you use it, your post’ll be exposed to not only your friends but also other users.

In other SNS, this promotion is generally used only by business…

Top Pibble Guide

■Top Pibble Summary

Top Pibble is an event that will reward the most popular posts within the Pibble app every day and reward up to 1 million PIB.

The rewards from Top Pibble will be awarded for the most popular posts for every 24 hours, 1 hour…


The New Wave of P2E Metaverse!! PIBBLE’s PLAYMETA is composed of game, social media, and membership with NFT and De-Fi technology (www.pibble.io)

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