Hi, Pibblers!!

On April 17, 2023, the PIBBLE team implemented the 4th burning of PIB token generated from PIB ecosystem in first quarter of 2023.

This is the amount of tokens recovered through the DeFi NFT service “BomulPlanet” launched in March 2022.

Pibble team will commit token burning after the end of each quarter.

This event aims to reduce the total amount of tokens in circulation to increase value for PIB token holders.

As the amount of PIB tokens burned is permanently removed from circulation, the value of the remaining tokens can be increased while reducing the total amount of tokens.

The PIBBLE team has consistently conducted token burning events to increase the value of PIB token holders.

This is the fourth token burning event, and we plan to continue burning through the steady recovery of PIB tokens through PIB Token Economics.

PIB Token Burn Details

Number of PIB tokens burned: 7,000,000

BomulPlanet Gas Fee wallet : 0x3cc13b45fD76199eAD07a5b425322fE5E0BbbC55

Incineration Wallet: 0x9bc02cb9Ba27C801c4D4446a082C8eFdaD65fBa7

Process: Moved from the PIB incineration volume address accumulating on BomulPlanet to the Foundation incineration address and burned.

Burn Date: April 17, 2023

Tx Hash : 0x99c627f8c3411160602e5cc77d933b28168906b68e6b50ddfe420ae95f77d60c

Link : https://www.klaytnfinder.io/tx/0x99c627f8c3411160602e5cc77d933b28168906b68e6b50ddfe420ae95f77d60c

Thank you.

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