Hi, Pibblers!!

PIBBLE team has announced that they will be conducting 3rd PIB token burning on January 15, 2023.

The amount of PIB tokens being burned were collected from BomulPlanet during Q4 2022 that is Defi, NFT service launched in Mar 2022.

This event is being held to increase the value of PIB tokens for holders by reducing the overall token supply.

By burning tokens, the total token supply is decreased, increasing the value of remaining tokens.

PIBBLE team regularly conducts token burning events to increase the value of PIB tokens for holders.

This is the third token burning event and PIBBLE team plans to continue burning PIB tokens through regular collection from PIB token economy.

PIB Token Burn Details

— Number of burned PIB tokens : 16,000,000 PIB

— BomulPlanet Gas fee Wallet : 0x3cc13b45fD76199eAD07a5b425322fE5E0BbbC55

— Burn wallet: 0x9bc02cb9Ba27C801c4D4446a082C8eFdaD65fBa7

— Process: The amount of PIB incineration accumulated on the BomulPlanet was moved from the address to the incineration address of the Foundation and incinerated.

— Incineration date : Jan 15, 2023

— Tx hash : 0x6845d61e0e49b6250e579abdf4e01c4e6e2ccade7b94d9fe011f1240079c9412 — Link : https://scope.klaytn.com/tx/0x6845d61e0e49b6250e579abdf4e01c4e6e2ccade7b94d9fe011f1240079c9412?tabId=internalTx




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